As you may know, I am running for St. Louis County Council. When I decided to run, I expected to be knocking on doors and attending community meetings talking to voters face-to-face. While I cannot speak to voters face-to-face, I can still reach them digitally. That is why we are turning to new methods of digital communication to reach voters.

Voters of the sixth district have a choice. My primary opponent, Bob Burns, has not been fulfilling his duties as a state representative and has been absent from the legislature for more than two weeks. During his absence, he missed several important votes concerning working people, they include:

  • ABSENT: SJR 38 – A bill to undue the will of the voters after we voted in favor of Amendment 1 by 62% to allow unfair gerrymandering.
  • ABSENT: An amendment to SB 725 to deem grocery store workers essential workers.
  • ABSENT: HB 1693 – A bill to establish a statewide prescription drug monitoring program.

Our grocery store workers are showing up every single day, on the frontlines of this crisis. I am disappointed that Bob Burns was not there to vote to support them during this pandemic. As your sixth district County Councilman, I will show up and fight for my constituents.

The current County Councilman of the sixth district, Ernie Trakas has been in the news recently. It was reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that St. Louis County paid $60,000 of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment complaint against Ernie Trakas. We work hard for our money and it makes me angry that our tax dollars are being spent to settle a politician’s indiscretions rather than to help the people of this district.

The voters of the sixth district have an important choice to make and while our grassroots campaign will be tough, we must make voters aware of their choice. I am running to provide a new voice and a new future for St. Louis County. If you are able to donate, I am asking you to make a donation to my campaign today. With your help I can get my message out to voters ensuring they know why I am running and the choice before them on Election Day.

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