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The long primary election season is almost over with election on August 4th. Voting locations have been cut due to COVID-19. South County has over 30 polling locations. I am looking for volunteers to help hand out literature to persuade every last voter to join our campaign and vote for progress in South County.

Whether you can spare 30 minutes, two hours, or even all day. I would love to ask you to volunteer. We have a good volunteer base but we are just short of hitting the big polling locations during peak voting hours. Please sign up below and we will be in touch.

Election Day Volunteers

    Please check any that you are able to do. I will reach out to organize getting you the literature in a way that works best for you.

Volunteer Lit Drops

    Please check the following lit drops you plan on attending.
Please join us for 1 of 3 volunteer shifts to hit 3,000 doors before Election Day. The packets take around 45 minutes to complete. We can arrange for curbside pickup and all lit drops are contactless. Please bring a mask to wear. I am ready to flip the sixth in favor of working families. We will meet at the Operating Engineers Union Hall Local 148.

Alex Lange is officially endorsed by the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council.

“Alex Lange has proven to be a leader as a union representative for United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 655. Alex is ready to take on the challenge and fight for all working families of the sixth district,” stated Mark Dalton Political Director for St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council in his endorsement announcement. “At this time of change and economic recovery, we need a leader with a fresh new perspective and vision to grow St. Louis County. The St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council is proud to endorse Alex Lange for St. Louis County Council of the Sixth District.”

I am honored to have the endorsement of the Carpenters in our region. The Carpenters union is a building block for our community. They build our homes, our schools, and our businesses. I am ready to work for the sixth district to bring quality jobs with benefits to our area. The Carpenters continue to be at the forefront of change and progress in our community. I hope to earn the vote of the hard-working men and women of the sixth district for County Council on August 4th. 

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Councilwoman Lisa Clancy has endorsed Alex Lange in the Democratic primary for the sixth district St. Louis County Council Race. This comes on the heels of the St. Louis Labor Council endorsing Lange.

“Alex Lange would provide a much needed new perspective and fresh voice to the St. Louis County Council. Alex is not a career politician and understands what it is like to fight for working families. He has represented and helped protect workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Councilwoman Lisa Clancy, Chair of the St. Louis County Council. “Alex is a parent to young children just like me. We understand what it is like to live and grow in St. Louis County with a young family and we want our County to be the best place to raise them. I am proud to endorse Alex Lange for Sixth District St. Louis County Council, he is the voice we need for working families.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Councilwoman Clancy,” stated Lange. “I look forward to working with her and the other members of the council of both parties. The St. Louis County Council should not be a place for partisan games and I am ready to work hard to rebuild trust county government. The time is now for leadership that isn’t entrenched in the past, we must look forward to build a county that works for our families.”

Alex Lange is a lifetime resident of St. Louis County. Lange is a husband, a father of two with a third due in November, and a union representative for United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 655. Alex Lange will face Venki Palamand and State Representative Bob Burns in the August 4th Democratic Primary. 

Alex Lange is officially endorsed by the St. Louis Labor Council!

I could not be happier to earn the endorsement of the hard-working men and women of the labor movement. The St. Louis Labor Council is made up of over 100 labor unions and represents thousands of area workers. This endorsement is a big step on our way to building a St. Louis County that works for us. When I entered this race, I knew it would be tough. I knew that I was a political newcomer, that I would have to work harder to earn the votes of the people of the sixth district over career politicians. Today we proved that we are on the path to victory in the Democratic Primary on August 4th.

“Alex knows organized labor. He knows what we fight for,” said St. Louis Labor Council President Pat White in a statement. “The sixth district is a strong union area. They deserve a councilman that will fight for them every day. Alex will bring that fight and a unique pro-union perspective to the St. Louis County Council. We are proud to endorse Alex Lange for Sixth District County Council.”   

Campaigning has been made tougher and we want to promote the endorsement on social media with some paid advertising. Could you chip in to our campaign today?

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As you may know, I am running for St. Louis County Council. When I decided to run, I expected to be knocking on doors and attending community meetings talking to voters face-to-face. While I cannot speak to voters face-to-face, I can still reach them digitally. That is why we are turning to new methods of digital communication to reach voters.

Voters of the sixth district have a choice. My primary opponent, Bob Burns, has not been fulfilling his duties as a state representative and has been absent from the legislature for more than two weeks. During his absence, he missed several important votes concerning working people, they include:

  • ABSENT: SJR 38 – A bill to undue the will of the voters after we voted in favor of Amendment 1 by 62% to allow unfair gerrymandering.
  • ABSENT: An amendment to SB 725 to deem grocery store workers essential workers.
  • ABSENT: HB 1693 – A bill to establish a statewide prescription drug monitoring program.

Our grocery store workers are showing up every single day, on the frontlines of this crisis. I am disappointed that Bob Burns was not there to vote to support them during this pandemic. As your sixth district County Councilman, I will show up and fight for my constituents.

The current County Councilman of the sixth district, Ernie Trakas has been in the news recently. It was reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that St. Louis County paid $60,000 of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment complaint against Ernie Trakas. We work hard for our money and it makes me angry that our tax dollars are being spent to settle a politician’s indiscretions rather than to help the people of this district.

The voters of the sixth district have an important choice to make and while our grassroots campaign will be tough, we must make voters aware of their choice. I am running to provide a new voice and a new future for St. Louis County. If you are able to donate, I am asking you to make a donation to my campaign today. With your help I can get my message out to voters ensuring they know why I am running and the choice before them on Election Day.

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Alex Lange with family on Filing Day for St. Louis County Council

Alex Lange Declares Candidacy for Councilman for the Sixth District of St. Louis County

St. Louis, MO – St. Louis County native Alex Lange is a husband, a father of two young children, and a union representative for United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 655. Lange has long fought for workers’ rights on the job and looks forward to using his experience and knowledge to advocate for all working families of the sixth district. 

“I am running to bring a new voice to the St. Louis County Council. From Washington D.C., to Jefferson City, to Clayton, the voices of working people are being ignored by career politicians, insiders, and lobbyists. St. Louis County’s reputation has been tainted by scandal, and we are long overdue for a fresh start,” stated Lange. 

As councilman, Alex will focus on building a county that is thriving and full of promise. He will work to maintain our schools at the highest levels to serve working families, and we deserve to have safe roadways and well-maintained bridges. Alex’s union job has taught him the importance of working families and that they deserve honest wages and benefits. 

“The sixth district is a building block of our county. If elected, I will ensure that residents are seeing their tax dollars work for them and that our district isn’t subsidizing other parts of the county. It is important that we support our police officers and firefighters and ensure they have the proper tools to fight crime and keep our communities safe.” expressed Lange. “I am not a career politician, I’m a dad, a husband and a member of the community that we all love. It is time for a new voice, a new perspective, and a new era of leadership in St. Louis County.” 

Alex Lange is a 33-year resident of St. Louis County. He is a graduate of Parkway South High School and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.